New updates and improvements to zoomsphere

  1. Scheduler: Facebook Reels 🎉

    New Feature
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    New Post Type! 🎉

    We are thrilled to announce that Facebook Reels are now available in your Scheduler app, offering you the flexibility of automatic and manual publishing, just like Instagram Reels!


    With this powerful integration, you can:

    🎬 Create captivating short video content directly within ZoomSphere

    📈 Boost engagement and reach on Facebook

    🕐 Save time by simultaneously publishing one post to Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook

    🚀 Elevate your social media game


    Whether you prefer the convenience of auto-publishing or the hands-on approach of manual publishing, ZoomSphere has you covered.

    Create and publish Facebook Reels with ZoomSphere today and unlock endless possibilities for your brand!

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  2. We Have a New Feature for You. Say Hello to Quick Notes!

    New Feature




    We're excited to unveil a powerful new feature in the Scheduler app - Quick Notes! 🎉

    Now, you can easily add personalized, quick notes to your calendar, complete with customizable date ranges and vibrant color options.


    Here are some use cases for Quick Notes: 👇


    • Plan and organize your content calendar to highlight specific content themes
    • Mark important deadlines or project milestones
    • Keep track of upcoming promotions or campaigns
    • Plan events and celebrations, etc.


    With Quick Notes, organizing your schedule becomes a breeze, ensuring you never miss a beat.

    📚 Read more about Quick Notes. 

    Try out this new feature today and supercharge your scheduling experience with ZoomSphere!


    Happy organizing! 🤗